The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging

For whatever reason, the creative juices haven’t been flowing around this here blog for some time. I can’t really explain why because I don’t actually know why. It’s just isn’t happening and, as I’m sure you know already, you can’t make it happen. It isn’t as though things haven’t been happening; I just haven’t had the urge to blog about them. That said, this isn’t a goodbye, it’s been real, catch you on the flipside post. No, I’m going to hang with it and see if it comes back.

If it doesn’t, well…

The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging

24 recap: The end?

Alright, I’m obviously a big fan of the show, but last night… ehhhh, it left a little to be desired.


Really? A cliffhanger ending? Renee in the FBI interrogation room alone with Wilson, and Kim Bauer ordering the stem cell treatment for her Jack, now in an induced coma? Meh.

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From the predictable yet absolutely sensible department, Olivia is going up for the murder of Jonas Hodges. I never thought for a moment that the President was going to come to any other conclusion, even after Henry was trying to put his foot down. Olivia was always going to be held accountable eventually. Last night when she was trying to play everything off as if all was well, I couldn’t tell whether Olivia was bad at it, or whether Sprague Grayden (the actress) was bad at it. Either way, it was difficult to watch and I’m glad to see that she’ll be going away.

So Tony’s alive, cuffed and taken away after being shot in the shoulder by Lady Jack and shot in the wrist by a shaky Jack. Tony was on both sides all the while? I suppose it’s believable if his only driving force was revenge for Michelle Dessler’s murder. Still, Tony as some sort of double double double agent was more than a little confusing, and now it feels like he was just the excuse for a lot of things to happen that they couldn’t explain otherwise.

Lady Jack appeared to be ending her career, leaving her badge to go in alone with Wilson in the interrogation room. I’m not sure I understand why she needed to turn it in to do that, as she had done a number of other illegal things in the season, unless she planned to kill him, in which case I could fully understand it. Then again, that isn’t her M.O., even under Jack’s expert tutelage.

Speaking of Jack, he and Lady Jack had a little moment there, didn’t they? He was all “you don’t have to say anything” and put his hand on her cheek. There they were, alone and in silence, until the paramedic dude came back in and interrupted proceedings. Then Jack gets wheeled away to the hospital and eventually is put into a coma, presumably to die, before Kim shows up to try to save him. And that’s where the season ends, her sitting there saying she isn’t ready to let Jack go yet.

So now we have a problem. The day is over, but the season is not. Lady Jack is alone with Wilson, and Jack is barely alive with a small chance for a cure. We have to find out what happens, but we can’t unless one of two things happen: 1) The next day of 24 picks up where we left off, which is a ridiculous idea because it would essentially be 48 straight hours of 24, and even the most ardent supporters of the show would have a problem believing that a) two straight days of crazy shit could happen, and b) Nobody slept for 48 straight hours. 2) There’s another 24 mini-movie, like the one we got that bridged the gap between last season and this one with Jack in Sangala. I believe this to be the most likely scenario. All that not withstanding, it was a good season of 24, but it started out much better than it finished. I’m excited to see how they’re going to wrap up the season, whatever way they choose to do it.

24 recap - The end?

24 precap: Finale!

Wait, what? Precap? Of course. It’s the season finale, and there are a number of storylines that need to be wrapped up. Here are five in no particular order. And if for some strange reason you’re not caught up on your DVRs, you should both be ashamed and turn away.

1) The Cure
That Kim Bauer has resurfaced, still at the airport with a delayed flight and now in danger, makes the odds of her being the source of the cure all the more likely. I have maintained that Tony could know the cure and give it to Jack before Jack kills him, but as of this moment I’d say that those odds are very long.

2) Tony and Jack
There still is no doubt in my mind that Jack is going to kill Tony for his betrayal, both of his country and of Jack’s trust. No way does Tony actually live through the finale.

3) Olivia
We saw in the preview that the President has gotten wind of Olivia’s little indiscretions, so we know she’s going to deal with her. Will her motherly impulses prevent Olivia from going to jail, or will Olivia having betrayed her trust (and, yanno, having been responsible for someone being killed) allow her to step aside and let whatever fate awaits her occur? I’m wagering on the latter.

4) Jack and Lady Jack
They’ve got to make out at some point, right? Come on.

5) “The Group” or whatever the hell it’s called
The show has only made a big deal out of one guy, Wilson, the dude that Tony’s girl Cara has been calling whenever something happens. Cara probably gives him up, but I can’t imagine there’s time enough to get all the other people in the group.

24 precap - Finale!

Broken silence

I’ve written about it in the past, but my relationship with my father inside of the past 12 years has slowly deteriorated. We used to be very close, but since he and my mother split it’s been all downhill. That came to a head in December, when I determined that I was done. For those not click-friendly, this is the important part of that:

Older sister called me on Saturday. I was surprised because this is the time of year where she and her family are found on a vacation island many miles south and many degrees north of here. She told me that she spoke to my father on Christmas. In conversation about what’s going on with the family lately, she told him about my mother’s medical situation, and his response was to suggest that it was karmatic retribution, and that my mother was getting what she deserved for what she’d done to him.

My younger sister graduated from college this past weekend, and the entire immediate family was to attend, and that meant that I was going to see my father for the first time in over a year, after not so much as speaking to him in as long.

Truth be told, I wasn’t entirely prepared for it. I didn’t know what I was going to say or do, or what he was going to say or do. When he first saw me it was while he was sitting in my older sister’s car in the passenger seat, and I was standing next to it. He opened the door and started to step out. I leaned down and extended my hand, which eventually engaged us in an awkward handshake/half hug.

“Where ya been man?” he asked.

“Oh, I’ve been around”

“How ya doin?”

“Not bad. Not bad.”

That was that, until the actual graduation ceremony. There was a little small talk about work and how I’ve been doing, but I couldn’t get into deep conversation. Why? I’ve lost the desire to. I don’t think it will be returning anytime soon.

Broken silence

Mac Cult serves itself

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take this opportunity to present to you proof that not even Apple itself thinks that the Mac can win the Mac vs. PC war. Have a look.

On the surface, it looks like the PC is experiencing trouble more than 140 years into the future. Clothes have changed, and we now utilize some bizarre hand gesture greeting, but PCs are still the same, right? Still evidently full of errors and not nearly as cool as the Mac.

But wait… in the year 2150, these commercials are evidently still showing on television. These commercials, geared toward the gullible idiot consumer, are still required to win over the public more than 140 years from now. The Mac, supposedly so much awesomer than the PC, is still trying to convince us of its awesomeness 141 years down the road. I guess it isn’t so awesome after all.

Take that, Mac Cult.

Mac Cult serves itself

Dirty little secret

These days, communication is becoming more and more electronic. Texts, emails, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter tweets have taken over as acceptable forms of communication for virtually everything. Well, I’m about to let you in on a little secret…

I actually like talking on the phone.

Go ahead. Gasp. I’ll wait while you return to breathing normally.

Now, I should add that I have an unlimited everything plan, and I utilize the texting aspect of that rather liberally. Not only do some people have a serious disinclination to conversation, sometimes things just don’t require a telephone call. That said, there are some people, some topics, or some sorts of conversation that would be better dealt with over the phone.

Breaking things off with someone? Pick up the phone.

Sending paragraphs as text messages back and forth repeatedly? Pick up the phone.

Important news like you’re pregnant or engaged? Mass text or email to the second tier, pick up the phone and call the first.

Just because you have the option to communicate completely electronically, doesn’t mean that you absolutely must. Every now and again it can be good to hear a live voice on the other end of the phone, regardless of whether it’s someone you like, love, or lust. Try it. You might actually like it.

Dirty little secret

24 recap: Four More

I’m back in DC and still sorta getting my feet back under me after a whirlwind weekend in New York City. I did manage to watch 24 last night, but haven’t the energy to do a full run-through but…


…I won’t leave you with nothing.

1) With Kim Bauer presumably having gone back to LA, the cure for Jack has got to come from somewhere. At this point there are really only three options that I consider viable: a) Kim has not actually gone back to LA and will return to the FBI. b) They’re going to come up with a miracle cure. c) Tony knows what the cure is, and before Jack kills him he repentently tells Jack what it is.

That final one is, so far as I’m concerned, also the most likely. There are only four hours left, so it’s got to happen soon.

2) Speaking of the fact that there are four hours left, there are suddenly lots of bad guys in this “group” that need to be dealt with and little time with which to do it. It seems like there are three big fish that remain: Tony; Cara, the girl he’s running with; and Alan Wilson, the dude who appears to be leading this “group.” Bad guys don’t often get away, so I have to believe that all of these people are going to be taken care of, and my guess is that if you get Cara and Alan, you get the rest. Tony is already dead meat.

3) Olivia is still skating for being the leak, and there’s no way she gets off that easy. Somehow I think her meddling in this Hodges witness protection matter is going to be what exposes her betrayal. I haven’t quite figured out who this Martin dude is or what his purpose is, but Olivia has got to pay still.

4) And finally, how awesome was it to see Jack ream out Janis, even if he said President Palmer instead of President Taylor a couple of times. She’s been needing someone to blow her shit up pretty much since the start of the season. That was the most redeeming part of the episode for me.

So there really are only four episodes left. Last night took us to 4:00am and the day started at 8:00am, so you can do the math on your own if you want. There really isn’t much more time to introduce anymore bad guys and deal with the number of bad guys currently in play. My money is still on Jack killing Tony, and Jack and Lady Jack making out (though now that won’t come until/unless Jack gets cured).

24 recap - Four More

Adios, bye bye

Adios, bye bye

Where in the world is I-66?

This weekend is going to be a long one for me. I’m going somewhere on Friday and coming back Monday. The question, of course, is where am I headed? I’ll give you a few clues.

1) It’s going to take 1 hour 25 minutes to fly there.

2) It’s going to be cooler there than here.

3) Gophers know a bit about it.

Where in the world is I-66?

What I learned this weekend

No matter how much you hate someone, or how clear you have made it that you want absolutely nothing to do with them, they will sometimes keep making overtures toward you. Why? Because they don’t understand why you hate them (despite you having told them on more than one occasion).

Frustrating, yet also vindicating.

What I learned this weekend