At least it isn’t painful

I-66 is lamenting that the snow is here but not sticking, therefore…

I-66: this is useless
k: what? the snow?
I-66: yes
it’s like… blue balls.
k: would love to hear how they relate?
I-66: you get all excited because it’s coming, and then in the end there’s nothing sticky.

At least it isn't painful

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  1. HI-larious :)

    Are you just trying to butter me up in advance? If you are, it’s working.

  2. It is EXACTLY like blueballs.

    I really wish I didn’t know that feeling to the point that I could use it as a basis for comparison.

  3. hahahaha.

    i felt like an old woman this morning; i’m still a kid at heart, I should love snow!

    but this snow blows chunks.

    It does! Or it did, and then it started raining. Double blah.

  4. That is EXACTLY what it’s like.

    Mother Nature is giving us all blue balls, and we shouldn’t have to just sit here and take it.

  5. Policeman: Sir, why are you masturbating out here in the snow?
    I-66: Don’t you get it?!

  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. i’m convinced we won’t have any decent snowfall at all this year…damn you 2009!!!

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