Kicking around

No TMI Thursday this week, bloglings. Instead, a few lazily bulleted points. Sorry to disappoint, Sarah.

- Am I the only one who occasionally wants to suggest meeting up with someone at 7:23 or 6:27 just to mix things up? Why do we always have to start things on a quarter hour?

- Women of Facebook, what’s up with untagging photos? I’m not talking about the “I’m doing a kegstand and my employer might see it” picture. I’m talking about the “I look ridiculous, so I’m going to untag this” picture. Your friends that either took the picture or are in it with you have probably already seen you looking goofy, so what’s the difference between them seeing it live or in a picture? Oh, concerned about someone you don’t know seeing it? So what? Who are you worried about impressing?

- I may have finally reaccepted the Capitals into my life (I remember them more from the old red sweaters), but there is currently no room for the Nationals. You blow in here, Anthony Williams on his knees in front of whoever would hear him out, begging for support for a new stadium for the team, withhold $3.5 million in rent that you finally pay off in October of 2008, and you put together a product that until recently looked more like the Washington Generals than anything else (and still may end up looking that way this year). Sorry. Try again next year.

- As a Redskins fan, I’m not sure how I feel about this Terrell Owens being released stuff. On the one hand, it’s great because virtually every NFL fan hates Terrell Owens and feels good about him or herself when something bad befalls him. It’s also great because it means that Owens, still a dangerous receiver, like it or not, is no longer a weapon for Butterfingers Romo. But on the other hand, is it addition by subtraction for Dallas? Do they get better because of this in the long run? It’s obviously way too early to know, and way too early to give any serious thought to, although my initial reaction, laughter, may tell me all I need to know.

- Lastly, Rumors ran away with the Worst Bar Vote, garnering 64% of votes with no competitor earning even 20%. I can’t say this is a surprise, though now Soob can feel a little better about sometimes loving one of the other bars. I wonder what would’ve happened if I’d thrown McFadden’s onto the list.

Kicking around

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  1. There’s a problem with your Washington Generals link.

    Also: I go to my first Caps game (ever) tonight!

    • Thanks. Link fixed.

      The first Caps game I got to see in person was a 6-0 thrashing at home to the Devils at US Air Arena. I hope your experience is better.

  2. I think the untagging pix thing is funny…Girls need to get over it but I’ve known guys who do it as well.

    As for the rest of it…I don’t follow DC sports…

    And…I actually had a guy tell me he would be here to meet me for lunch around 1:37ish…

    It was funny and cute.

  3. it’s not just the women who untag. My high school friend, a male, untagged his picture where he was kissing the forehead of his high school girlfriend. What a baby. Afraid his wife would see. “Ooh, you had a girlfriend in 11th grade! How dare you! I thought you were a virgin!”

  4. I am vain. Seriously. Don’t you realize girls care about these things?

  5. I don’t see the sense of Twitter, My Space (unless you are involved with something like art or a band) or Facebook. To me they are something kids would get into from middle school through college (I use the term “kids” loosely here,) but past college? You know who your friends are. If you’re a good friend, you keep in touch with them. What’s the point?

  6. The cranky last poster is clearly about to be one of those people who’s gonna be SOL when print newspaper bite the dust & he/she has no effing clue how to find the news elsewhere. Refusing to see the social media value of sites like Facebook and Twitter is old, stodgy & so out-of-touch I can’t bear to believe that such people still exist. Even my GRANDMA is on Facebook now.

    ANYWAY… I detag myself from pictures where I look fat. I just do. If I’m doing something I’m not particularly thrilled about (sticking my tongue out, looking generally ridiculous), I just let it go – I knew it was happening! But come on – I don’t need to allow myself to look fatter than normal. I never consented to that!

  7. I’m cranky. HA. Sweetheart? I am pro internet. Learn flippancy. And you don’t get news per se on Twitter. You get “My Boo.”

  8. Shows you what kind of information Slumburban Sweetheart is looking for – “the pitbull from trailer park lane #5 is loose again, take in the children and lock the doors.”

  9. Ahem. Easy there, ladies. All of you. Especially you, EffYouSeeKay.

  10. Yep, everyone from the ‘burbs is white trash. And most people from the trailer park are on Twitter.

    Or… not. Nice readers.

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