Going Mad

It’s that time of year again, when the nation is gripped by March Madness. Video feeds are found online. People take long lunches at ESPNZone. Dummy spreadsheets are created to alt+tab to at work. News reports surface about how many man hours or how much money is lost by companies as a result of employees watching the tournament instead of working. Networks are slowed because of bandwith lost. Brackets have been completed, and everyone thinks they know what they’re talking about.

Well, it’s not all gravy. I’ve got a few gripes.

1) This “opening round” crap is bullshit. Yes. Crap is bullshit. I realize the 64th and 65th teams get the same share for making the tournament as the rest of the teams, but those teams, by winning their conference tournaments, earned the right to, until a #16 actually beats a #1, lose to a top seed in front of the nation in the first round. Does anyone actually watch the play-in game? No. But everyone watches the first round.

2) Like All-Star voting and the BCS, unless the amount of qualified participants is exactly that of the available slots, someone is going to get snubbed. You want to prevent snubs? Invite every team in D1 college basketball. Otherwise, shut the fuck up. There are 34 at-large bids. You think St. Mary’s should’ve been in? If they weren’t in the top 30 teams in the country who didn’t win their conference tournament, they don’t really have a gripe.

3) This isn’t really a gripe so much as it is a concern. I originally kind of liked VCU over UCLA, but now it seems everyone, even Barack Obama, has VCU over UCLA. When so many people like a team, I find it hard to be confident that it’s right. I’ve got the Bruins.

4) “You’ve got chalk! Lame!” I’m sorry? Where were those douchebags when four #1 seeds made up the Final Four last year? They were throwing their brackets in the trash because they were so concerned with finding the upsets that they lost the plot: For the most part, the high seeds are high seeds because they’re good. They’re supposed to win these games. No, I don’t think it’s going to be all #1 seeds this year because I don’t think there’s that much of a gap between those teams and the rest of the field, but that doesn’t mean the high seeds aren’t the ones who are going to be going through.

Coverage starts at 12:10. Look for me on my couch. Yeah, on my couch.

Going Mad

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  1. Why does Duke always get to play in Greensboro? Fuck Duke.

  2. You know how I pick my bracket? I pick which name I like best.

    It works.

  3. March Madness for me is paint tape.

  4. I’m only down 3 after yesterday. So today, I fully expect Morehead St. to rise from the depths and single-handedly slaughter my bracket.

  5. Psssst. 66 readers? I think he went mad.

  6. Let me go get Phil. I bet he has a good throwing arm.

  7. I watched from my couch as well.

    And I think if companies were really so concerned with how much money they are losing, they could do the smart thing and make it a holiday.

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